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Please note the information in this article is for information only, in the EU these studies/statements are not yet considered proven, they are in the original English sources!

The CBG (cannabigerol) molecule and the CBG oil made from it have recently been the focus of medical research. Although we do not yet have as much data on it as we do on CBD, according to the US magazine Forbes, it could be a promising area of future cannabis use in healthcare as an antibacterial agent and pain reliever.

CBG is found in the hemp plant in basically low amounts, but some hybrids already contain significant amounts, so there are preparations that contain higher levels of CBG than others.

Cannabigerol – CBG
CBG – Cannabigerol facts
No intoxicating effects
Uncertain legal status in the EU
Low number of medical studies
No known adverse side effects
What do we know about the role of CBG?
We have heard about the beneficial effects of cannabis’ active ingredients, CBD and THC, but little is known about CBG, their building blocks. More specifically, this means that CBG is required for the formation of THC and CBD. CBG (cannabigerol) is the father of cannabinoids, a substance that is formed from CBGA and then synthesised into other cannabinoids.

CBG is found in low concentrations in most plant species, although some hemp varieties, such as industrial hemp, may contain higher levels. On average, 1% is found in a plant, which is very low. It is therefore only found in trace amounts in CBD products.

Benefits of CBG oil
In terms of its usefulness, its influence on our body is similar to some of the typical results of CBD and THC, but we should know that it is not psychoactive, it does not cause stupor, in this respect it is more similar to CBD. It contributes to the normal functioning of the central nervous system and skin cells. It interacts with both cannabinoid receptors, but only to a small extent.

Research findings:

English language source on the newly discovered anti-bacterial effects of CBG
In addition to these:

Supports the effects of CBD and THC
It enhances the production of cannabinoids by our body